Friday, September 23, 2011


Oh, Patrick Rothfuss, tell me your
secrets of writing and
Awesome Beard!

This is probably the fourth time I've started a blog on here and just stared at the screen thinking "What to write?".  I like writing, more specifically storytelling. I've got all these great ideas for it, but then I get to this point and I feel like a blank sheet or empty text box is the positive side of a magnet, and I'm the positive side of another magnet. My hands get heavy, my concentration drifts, my brain gets dry mouth, and it's hard to stay focused.  I guess that's the discipline of it, sitting down working it out and getting it all out of your head.  I wonder how professional writers do it.  If they finish a page rub their hands together and say "Oh man, 260 more of these bad boys and I'm going to make some BANK!" or if the drive to finish is a labor of love.  I'm guessing more the latter, I imagine guys like Patrick Rothfuss come up with worlds like the "Four Corners of Civilzation" and charactes like Kvothe and say "I can't let this story fall by the wayside, HIS STORY MUST BE TOLD!".
Maybe that's it, maybe my characters aren't good enough.  Maybe their just more of an idea then a "great idea!". Maybe I'm just out of practice? I could hop on here ever few days or so and do a short story or paragraph probably.  Truth be told, I probably wouldn't keep up with that, I'm already losing interest in this post.  I had a hundred things to write, but here I go....